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  1. «Высоковольтные оптические преобразователи для систем измерения и анализа качества электрической энергии», журнал «ЭнергоРынок», №10 2006г.
  2. «Оптические трансформаторы: Первый опыт», журнал «ЭНЕРГОЭКСПЕРТ», №1 2007г.
  3. «Построение систем РЗА и АИИС КУЭ на базе оптических трансформаторов тока и напряжения с цифровым интерфейсом», журнал «РЕЛЕЙЩИК», №1 2008г.

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  1. Protection of 230 kV Line Using Both Conventional & Optical CT Inputs 
    Analog Interfaces for Metering & Protection 
    NxtPhase Optical Sensor Measurement Stability

Технические статьи

  1. Applications of High-Voltage Fiber Optic Current Sensors (1.29 MB) 
    (IEEE PES General Meeting 2006) 
    Interfacing Optical CTs and VTs to Relays and Meters (470 KB) 
    (IEEE T&D 2006) 
    Optical Current & Voltage Sensors in EHV Series Capacitor Banks Application (296 KB)
  2. SF6-Free 550 kV Combined Optical Voltage & Current Transducer System (901 KB) 
    (IEEE T&D 2003) 
    Analysis of a 550 kV Current & Voltage installation.
  3. Fiber-Optic Current Transducer Optimized For Power Metering Applications (409 KB) 
    (IEEE T&D 2003) 
    We demonstrate exceptional power measurement linearity over a wide dynamic range with an optical current transducer & power meter.
  4. 138 kV & 345 kV Wide-Band SF6 - Free Optical Voltage Transformers (618 KB)  
    (Winter PES 2002)  
    This paper describes the design & testing of novel, environmentally friendly, 138KV & 345kV optical voltage transducers (OVTs) for metering & protection relaying applications in high-voltage electric power transmission systems.
  5. Optical Current Sensors Eliminate CT Saturation (711 KB) 
    (PES 2002) 
    Once deemed specialized devices intended for novel applications, optical sensors have risen to a performance level exceeding conventional magnetic devices.
  6. 230 kV Optical Voltage Transducer Using a Distributed Optical Electric Field Sensor System (729 KB)  
    (IEEE T&D 2001) 
    The devices met the accuracy requirements of IEC 0.2% class & IEEE 0.3% class & passed ampoules tests, chopped impulse tests, partial discharge tests, chopped impulse tests, partial discharge tests, wet & dry power-frequency withstand tests & mechanical withstand tests.
  7. Fiber Optic Current Sensor Calibration (206 KB)  
    (IEEE T&D 2001) 
    Fiber optic current sensors have been touted for their potential ability to measure currents with accuracy better than 0.1% over dynamic range extending from literally milliamps to hundreds of kiloamps.
  8. Reliability Considerations: Optical Sensors for the Control & Measurement of Power (235 KB) 
    (IEEE T&D 2001) 
    As the power industry adopts new technologies to control & protect its assets, complex electronic & optical systems are becoming prevalent with the consequence that reliability analysis tools are becoming increasingly relevant & useful.
  9. Resistively Shielded Optical Voltage Transducer (911 KB
    (IEEE T&D 2001) 
    A high-voltage (HV) optical voltage transducer (OVT) using resistively shielded electric field sensors is presented for use in HV transmission systems.
  10. Interfacing Optical Current Sensors in a Substation (314 KB)
    (PES Summer 2001) 
    In order for users of optical transducers to realize the complete benefits available from this new technology, an understanding of the differences between conventional transformers & optical sensors is critical; this paper outlines these differences. (228 KB)
  11. Wide-Band 138 kV Distributed-Sensor Optical Voltage Transducer: Study of Accuracy under Pollution & other Field Disturbances (1421 KB)  
    (PES Summer 2001) 
    Accuracy tests include various severe field disturbances such as the presence of conductive pollution-like layers on the insulator & the presence of other HV sources nearby. Test results show that the VT meets IEC 0.2% & IEEE 0.3% accuracy classes under these extreme field disturbances.
  12. A Wide-Band High-Accuracy SF6-Free Optical Voltage Transformer (348 KB) 
    (EPRI 2001) 
    Optical voltage & current transducer technologies are emerging in the power sector as advantageous alternatives to the conventional instrument transformer technology for accurately & safely measuring electricity.




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